North Valley Baptist Church

Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to Connect people to Jesus Christ and to His followers, to Grow in faith and worship of Jesus Christ, and to serve Him in the Church and in the world.

Here at North Valley,
we have three passions:

We're passionate about preaching the Bible's promise of hope and redemption consistently and boldly.

We're passionate about serving the needy of our community outside the walls of our building in many different ways.

We're passionate about ministry to children; it's not just a program in our church, but an essential part of who we are.

Looking for a church home?
Here are some things to consider as you visit churches:

Does the Pastor preach the Word of God boldly and consistently?

Is the church family welcoming to outsiders?

Are there people "like me" in the congregation?

Is there opportunity for me to minister and be involved?

Finally, does the overall ministry of the church really "minister" to me?

Devotional / Prayer Guide